March 2019 Construction Update

It has been a while since our last construction update but not due to lack of progress at 210 Comstock.  The building exterior is finished and looking fabulous just in time for spring.  Interiors of homes on the 3rd floor through the 6th are just about done with a few appliances still to install.  Homes on the 1st and 2nd floor are not far behind with paint, cabinet, counter and floor installation completed.

This week brings the installation of a new main water line in W. Comstock Street which will allow for the fire sprinkler system to be signed off followed by the elevator!

We should have a staged model home in the next couple days which means we will be officially launching sales this month.

If you have any questions or would like to take a peek at the completed homes please don’t hesitate to reach out.  I look forward to hearing from you.

– Steve Snider 

June 2018 Construction Update

Have you walked by 210 Comstock lately?  The building is really taking shape with siding and paint completed.  Barcelo Homes has completed this finish material boards which are available to view onsite.  If you would like to take a look at the different options for finishes please get in contact with me so we can set up an appointment to view those.  

Drywall has been installed in the 6th floor home and the 5th floor is well on its way.  The team is completing construction from the top down.  Prior to drywall completion the homes appear artificially dark since the framing absorbs most of the light.  If you are interested to see what a home looks like with drywall completed please let me know and we can set that up.  

As always please reach out if you have any questions.  

– Steve Snider 

March 2018 Construction Update

Spring is here and the construction crew is grateful for some dry and sunny days.  If you have driven by the building lately you will have seen that most of the windows have been installed.  They look great from the outside and even better from the inside with floor to ceiling glass.  The siding is nearly complete and paint should be going on shortly.  Very soon the exterior of the building will be complete so the crew can start focusing on the interiors. 

If you are interested to get a feel for what the interior finishes will be like Barcelo Homes has a completed condominium in Madison Park with a very similar finish detail.  Barcelo Homes commitment to the highest level of finish work is well illustrated in their Madison Park condominium.  If you would like to see that home please let me know and we can set up an appointment. 

Here are a couple exterior photos taken earlier this month.

– Steve Snider

December 2017 Construction Update

Hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season. Work has been busy at Two Ten Comstock this December with plumbing roughed in on most levels and the sprinkler system near completion. The roof was installed last week and scaffolding is going up in preparation for windows and siding.

Earlier in December I was on site for an early morning sunrise time-lapse with our videographer. Amazing Seattle scenery from the rooftop deck. Check out the time-lapse video below.

This coming January we will have some interior renderings to share with you to reflect the updated floor plans and finishes.

Wishing everyone a fantastic New Years and looking forward to seeing you in 2018. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to visit the property to see the progress in person.

– Steve Snider

October 2017 Construction Update

Hooray! 210 Comstock is now framed out to the 6th floor. The construction team is working on getting the roof waterproofed just in time before it really starts getting wet. Plumbing has started on the lower floors and insulation is on site. We expect for things to start moving very quickly from here on out. Estimated completion is late Spring 2018. Here are a few photos of the exterior and also from the rooftop. Yesterday sure provided some great scenery. The whole team is very excited to provide a top notch building in a #1 Seattle location. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. Also, I have been given the green light to start tours of the building first week of November so if you would like to come see the property in person please let me know and we can get a date and time set up.

Thanks for your interest.
– Steve Snider




August 2017 Construction Update

Exciting news from 210 West Comstock. We were at the building last Friday with the Architect and Builder to walk the floor plans and were pleased to see water views from the 3rd floor! That confirms that the views are going to be really fantastic from the 4th, 5th and 6th floors. Also exciting was walking thru the ground floor 2 bedroom home (#101) which will be the only home in the all concrete portion of the building. We talked with the architect and designer about emphasizing some of the structural concrete in the home with exposed concrete walls and ceiling beams. It will surely be a one of a kind home.

Here are some pictures from our building walk on Friday.

We are looking good for frame out by the end of September.

July 2017 Construction Update

Construction is moving along nicely at 210 West Comstock. The 2nd floor is now framed and walls are beginning to take shape for the 3rd floor. We are excited to get a chance to walk on the 3rd floor home to see what the outlooks are like. Talking with the site superintendent and architect it is impressive the lengths they are going to for making the building as sound proof as possible. Between each floor going from the top down will be a 1 ½” layer of Gyp- Crete, acoustical membrane, engineered ceiling joists, insulation, drywall, mechanical sound dampener, air gap, and two more layers of drywall. The acoustical engineer for the building is the same one that designs some of the most recent high rise buildings in Seattle.

June 2017 Construction Update

Good progress is being made at 210 Comstock. The first floor is framed and the foundation is fully poured. Progress should start moving along quickly with an anticipated framing completion September of this year. We are still on track for building completion early 2018. The plan is to launch sales in September and since you are registered you will get first shot at the homes. Below are a few pictures I took at the site yesterday.